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About Us

Welcome to SamSung Korean BBQ Grills for Commercial Use. 


SamSung BBQ Grills is the leading Korean BBQ system manufacturer and distributor in the US and Canada.  We have been developing Korean BBQ grills since 2001 to support Korean BBQ restaurants in the US and Canada.


SamSung Downdraft Systems is designed to completely Ventilate smoke through the exhaust hood mounted under your tables. This means overhead hoods are no longer required to remove smoke and grease from the dining area, which frees up space under the ceiling.  This will allow for more creativity in the design of your restaurant’s interior


We strive to differentiate our products by providing grills with quality, durability, and versatility.  SamSung Korean BBQ Grills (Roasters) come with a one-year warranty.  Our products are notable in model variety, powerful heating capacity, hot plates for heat spreading, and tripods for hot-pods.


The ultimate smokeless, gas–powered, commercial downdraft Korean BBQ Grills are all manufactured in Korea.  SamSung grill systems are also certified with NSF/UL for installation in the 50 US states legally.  SamSung grills also accommodate the needs for Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian BBQ cuisines.  We can also provide a propane nozzle if you’d like to use them using a propane tank at home.

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