Check Out The Performance !!

Why SamSung Korean BBQ Grills?

  • SamSung Korean BBQ Grills come in a variety of models, including rectangle or round, and up-draft or down-draft to meet your needs.

  • Powerful heating with gas inlet rate of 8200 BTU cooks meat quickly and tastily. It also shortens the customer turn-around time compared to other commercial grills.

  • Its unique hot plates (diffuser) spread heat evenly over the grill to prevent meat from being over-cooked or burned.

  • Tripods for hot-pot make SamSung Grill suitable for shabu shabu or other hot-pot style cooking. 

  • Charcoal trays are also available for charcoal BBQ. (optional)

  • SamSung downdraft grills will pull 100% of smoke down through the attached hood under the burner and remove it out of the dining hall to keep inside of dining hall free of smoke.